Photo by Will Pagel on Unsplash

The scripture recorded that Jesus went about doing good. We also believe in the biblical call that says we should always be a good Samaritan to our neighbors. As one of the recognized institutions allowed to sponsor refugees, the United Church of Canada renders support to refugees living in exile.

This is a medium by which the church helps the poor, needy, and homeless. You can also be a part of this great effort. If you would like more information about our refugee, see information below.




Things to know about refugee sponsorship:

  • The United Church supports refugees who need protection regardless of religious affiliation
  • It helps if the refugee is registered with the UNHCR
  • The sponsor’s moral and financial commitment is for a refugee’s first year in Canada
  • A Congregation can work with other congregations or with the refugee’s family in Canada to support the newcomer(s) for that first year.
  • For BC Conference support, or to get matched with a Syrian refugee who hopes to be reconnected with family members in BC email Khwaka Kukubo or the BC Conference office.
  • Private refugee sponsorship application forms are available on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website